Personality Coaching

Are you having to digest setbacks or failures?

Do you want new ways to (re)gain Trust, Courage and take on Challenges?


be better: Strengthen the Self 


Do you want to make more from your potential? Do you feel you are not using all of your abilities? Do you find it difficult to convince others about your strengths? Do you feel out of control about your recent life situation?

With our personality training we will support you in recognising your individual strengths, overcome weaknesses and develop the power your situation is demanding from you. Be it family-, business-related or personal obstacles:

You do not need to face and overcome this by yourself. 


Scoop your potential 

Kerstin Linnartz will analize your situation with an experienced look and works on your ability to use your own personality to master each given situation- guided by hands-on tools. Doing so, she integrates implicit knowledge from over 25 years of experience with the tools she transports, rather than mere theory. During her own unusual carreer, on her own quest for healing and her life as an entrepreneurial working mother she took on a vast variety of tools from experts, studied them in depth and successfully applied them to her own life and those of her clients. The outcome is a tool box, richely filled with proven-to-work tools that enable you to address your challenges individually. 


Phoenix from the Ashes- Power from Pain 

Often only one session is enough to start a recogniseable shift in your own perception and to apply this to your daily life. Thus old patterns can be dissolved and replaced by new, more constructive ones. This is never about distorting you- you will always work WITH your potential and strengthen it. 

Recognise self-sabotage and release old patterns. Find (back) to a healthy, positive self-perception and more self-trust. Learn to say "No", set free additional energy and use that potential in your favour!

The pain in our life can be transformed into a Source of Power!

Besides training your awareness and realising the "What and Why" you will analyse the "Here and Now". From there you will design your "From now on". The results of the raining often already show after the first session.

The tools you accomplish can be used for a lifetime.