Present (yourself) well


Communication has different rules in different situations.


Meetings, Presentations or Speeches in front of groups or an audience, a TV-recording, Hosting a stage or moderating a diskussion: they all come with different challenges. and they all require different techniques to design the communition as effective as possible. 

You communication can be better in every situation. 

If your audience really grasps (and remembers!) what you say, is down to your appearance: clear, understandable language. Motivational messages. A harmonious overall mixture of body language, cesura, sentence highlights, cadence, portfolio of terms

You want all oft this retrieveable in the right moment and not lose your message because you are nervous, artculating your dispatch too complicated or drowning important key messages in a flood of words. Kerstin Linnartz will get you fit for the big moment so you are right on the spot. Because this one moment only comes once. Once your Live-presentation is over, there is no second chance. 

Often presentations are less effective than hoped for (or planned). The consequences: the enthusiasm for your corporation, brand, occasion or product is not leaping. You are disappointed by your performance because you did not bring your message across. Maybe you lost your audience or client (or did not win them). 

You can avoid all of this with the right preparation. An individually designed training will help you to convey clearly what matters in the moment and what is to be transported. 


Your personality as a convincing power 

Generally you can say: people who are well prepared and talk with self-esteem have a credible impact on their listeners. They can enthral their audience, and their message sticks in their heads. 

That is why I do not want to press you into costum techniques, but will dial into your personality and carve out your strengths from there. Your weaknesses we will work on in a way they will no longer keep you away from your perfect performance. Because let me tell you a secret: in my 25 years of experience in presenting I held over 1000 intefviews with many famous, successful people. They all had their weaknesses. They just learned to handle them, work on them and not let them stop achieving their goals.

Most of the great success-stories you know have a lot of coaching behind them!

The result: a costumized, hands-on and efficient set of tools that you can apply absolutely specific. You will noticeably improve your ability to present and moderate- right from our first session on!


Speech Training and Presentation Coaching for Executives


Success Factor Communication 


During this training designed especially for CEOs and Executives we focus on a certain speech, an upcoming presentation, pitch or conversations with employees. 

Doing so, we dial into your needs and equip you with tools that support you in fulfilling the purpose of the upcoming important meeting in an optimal way. 

Use this opportunity to achieve the best possible communication within your enterprise!