Kerstin Linnartz



is a Coach, TV-Host, best selling Author and Founder of be better Company.

Her knowledge is not mere theory, she has had to adapt several times, shifting her carreer showbusiness from a successful TV- and Stage Personality to holistic healing science. Being an entrepreneur, CEO and working mother, she comes from inherent practical knowledge that she is passionately sharing with her clients. 

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She not only shares insights in how she managed to keep a sucessful carreer of more than two decades as a media woman, hosting TV-shows, writing bestselling books, running a Retreat center living in India and building her company that is state-recognized as educational institution. She also reveals the proven-to-work system she developed stemming from 25 years of experience, numerous Trainings with the best teachers worldwide on their field and her hands-on way to integrate the tools into everyday life.

Her Coaching Clients´ Shifts and Success in business and personal Life are Testimonial of the Transformational Effect be better Coaching brings. 


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