be better Coaching

be better Coachings are taking place in an exclusive 1:1 Format. Thus we can guarantee to address your personal circumstances the best way. 


All Coachings take place Online in our Virtual Coaching Room. Upon request we can provide 1:1 personal sessions on location as well. 

You are profiting from 25 Years of Experience. 

After analysing your problems/ challanges/ situation we will use exactly the tools that will have you advance best. Please refer to Menu to learn about our different offers. 

Before we can decide to work together, it is mandatory to have a personal conversation. During this Call we will get to know each other and I can dial into your situation. After that I will give you an assessment on how I can conduct your process the best way and support you in reaching your Goals when I feel we are a good fit and I take you on as a Client. 


Check Availability & Book Your Personal Call here. 


Our new Online Coaching Program


To apply for our new, Systematic in-depth 1:1 Coaching Training, please click the Link below first and read about our new program. You should set aside some time to watch the video: Kerstin Linnartz explains the main pillars of the deep transformational work she offers with her trademark Coaching system. 


If what you learn about KerstinĀ“s work appeals to you and you feel you are ready to create a Shift in your Life and want this to be effectively supported, you can book a 1:1 personal Call here to see if you are good fit and Kerstin would be ready to take you on as a client.