Nothing supports our progress better than a break.“ 
– Elizabeth Barrett Browning

„Retreat“ means to „withdraw“. Withdrawing from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, conciously recharging your batteries and fully letting go of stress ad hectic- a Yoga retreat delivers the relaxation quality of a holiday of several weeks and comes with the chance to establish healthier habits in our everyday life. Your strengthening will take place on the physical as well as mental plane.

Guided by an experienced teacher, a retreat can be a truly transformational experience.

be better is recognized!

State recognition

The be better YOGA Teacher Training is officially recognized by the Senat to offer Health Education. Thus you can apply for Educational Leave during work.

State Educational Bonus

Each module is supported with up to 500,- Euros from the German State Educational Bonus Program. Find out how to apply.

Recognized – by Yoga Alliance

Our be better YOGA Advanced Retreats are recognized as „Yoga Alliance Continuous Education Program” and can be certified as 50 HRS Continuing Education.

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