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This is where I want to share a small selection of the many books and musics that have inspired me in the past decade. To let this list grow and get some new reading and listening tips myself, I am looking forward to your mail on

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“Autobiografie of a Yogi” Paramahansa Yogananda: The life story of the master, written by himself. Was selected amongst the 100 best spiritual books of the 20th century, translated into 18 languages and gives a deep insight into the impact Yoga can have on our lives, even for new Yogis.

“Sivananda Upanishad” Swami Sivananda: original letters of the great teacher, compiled in his handwriting and full of motivating messages for all Yogis. The first original edition is sold out but there are copies available.

“Bliss divine”, Swami Sivananda: the “encyclopedia” in which the master is giving advice for all topics in life- from A to Y.

“Yoga Sutras”, Patanjali: the classic. Written records of the great sage, estimatedly from around 200 B.C. The basis for all Yoga systems.

“Buddha- Gotamo Buddho’s speeches”, Karl E. Neumann: the words the sublime master told his monks and followers literally. A fat book for all who “really want to know it”.

“No beginning- no end”, Dalai Lama: His holiness gives explanations on Langri Thangpas “Eight verses on transforming the mind”, one of the most classicals texts from tibetan lore. For modern people simply “the eight steps to a meaningful life”.

“Wisdom for the new millennium”, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: one of the many wonderful pieces of work from the founder of the “Art of living Foundation”. Very inspiring and motivating. Everyone who has met Sri Sri Ravi Shankar live knows how positive his energy is. So are his books.

“Whispers from eternity”, Paramahansa Yogananda: poems, chants and prayers, written by the master himself. The viewpoint of a great Yogi on the world.

“Awakening the spine”, Vanda Scaravelli: very nice book with beautiful pictures.

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Ravi Shankar by George Harrison: “Chants of India” Ravi Shankar by George Harrison: “Chants of India”: one of the biggest indian musicians produced by an ex- Beatle. Wonderful !

Krishna Das: “One Track Heart” and many more: the american with the unique voice who did not like singing at all at first and is now one of the best known western singers in devotional music. He’s fantastic live and on tour in summer 2010.

The Dum Dum Project: “Yoga Chill”: one of the CDs showing that devotional music can be funky, too. Great interpretations of some well known mantras on the one CD and a guided meditation by David Life, the founder of Jivanmukti Yoga, on the other.

Miten & Deva Premal: “Songs for the inner lover” and others: wonderful, soft devotional music by an incredible couple: these two together on stage are pure Bhakti- LOVE !

Deepak Chopra & friends: “A gift of love”: the old texts of the mystic and poet Rumi, interpreted by Deepak Chopra and his students from Hollywood like Demi Moore, Madonna, Martin Sheen or Goldie Hawn.

M.S.Subbulakshmi: “Sri Venkatesa Suprabhatam”: one of the many “real sounds of India”. In this case the morning shlokas for Lord Venkatesa who is said to bring prosperity to all who recite these shlokas every morning. In India you often hear this in the morning in homes of Hindus or in hotels and restaurants in pilgrim places.

Dalai Lama: “The way to happiness”: an audio CD with the subtitle “Finding sense in life”. Says it all, doesn´t it?!

Nina Hagen: “Haidakhandi Shivani”: a great album which was given to me in 1999 by the eccentric singer as she was attending my show as a guest. Beautiful interpretations of well known mantras, an hommage to her “favourite guru” Babaji. I like: she donates a part of the avails to children charities.

Prembhai: “Shri Hairakhandi Aarti”: and what the “original indain” version sounds like. Also here you find chants for Babaji as well as Kirtans and well known mantras. Gives you the feeling to be at the ashram singing along live.