Yoga Mob- Frankfurt’s biggest Yoga Class

At the Karma Konsum Conference (09.- 10. July 2011) we will do the kick off event to a series of planned Yoga Mobs. Just like at the popular Flash Mobs we are expecting hundrets of Yogis next to the Frankfurt Trade Centre who will practice at the biggest public Yoga Class Frankfurt has ever seen. With this event we want to raise conciousness that an expo on sustainability does not only adress the responsibility for nature but that this responsibilty has to start with ourselves. And what can show you the way how to treat yourself better as good as Yoga? Besides that, we will be generating loads of positive energy of course, which might be needed at this particular space ; ) The best thing: the class is free and everyone can join- since we are more about making a statement than diving into a deep practice, it will will be a simple class even suitable for those who have never done any Yoga. So, hurry up and come joining us in Frankfurt… I am looking forward to see you!


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