Yoga Teacher Training

My indan teacher Akhilesh Bodhi offers Yoga Teachers Trainings at his Neo Yoga Center.
I am thrilled that he asked me again to assist him at his next training in my old “home” Goa, India.
The trainings are a fantastic chance for everyone to dive deep into “the real yogic life”- not only if you want to become a Yoga Teacher but also if you feel like getting to know all about Yoga.
Although the training comes with a full schedule and busy days, you will get to enjoy the beautiful surrounding of Goan beaches.

Akhilesh is a wonderful teacher who does not only have a vast knowledge in terms of Yoga but also comes with a profoundly big heart and refreshing wisdom.
One further teacher on the training is Swami Prabodh Chaithanya.

The Yoga Teachers Training is one month long and includes following points:

  • Yogasana
  • advanced Asanas from Hatha Yoga Tradition
  • advanced techniques of Asanas as by Patanjali
  • Pranayama – differnt forms of Pranayama (like Kumbhaka & Bandhas)
  • Hatha Yoga Pranayama (like Nadi Shodhan & different forms of Kumbhaka)
  • Mudras: 10 types of Mudras (Psychic Gestures like mentioned in Hatha Yoga Pradipika e.g. Mahamudra, Mahabandha, Mahavedha, Uddiyan, Jalandhar, Moola, VipritKarani, Khechari)
  • Trataka (concentrated gazing involving candle flame Trataka)
  • Kapalbhati (Frontal Lobe cleansing)
  • Meditation – Chakra Meditation, Kundalini Meditation (from Osho), Guided meditation from Vedas and other types of Dynamic meditations
  • Yoga Nidra (Psychic sleep)
  • Bhagvat Gita and Vedanta philosophy
  • Human Anatomy

After completion of the full training and passing the exam students will receive the Yoga Alliance accepted YTTC 200 hours RYS certification with E-RYP faculty.

Price: (includes complete course program, teachers manual, neti pot, vegetarian food, accomodation. Accomodation will be simple lake bungalows.)
1500,- euros

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